CBC Refuses To Cover Canadian

Adult Film Star's Suicide

CBC ignores actor's suicide following online bullying.

CBC Ignores Suicide Following Online Harassment

Despite covering the various suicide deaths of low-profile Canadians due to online harassment and bullying, Canada's state-run media, CBC, has refused to cover the death of August Ames, who was also known personally as Mercedes Grabowski. 

Speculation has mounted on social media as to why many Canadian news media organizations are refusing to give Ames' suicide any coverage. Theories range from her status as an adult film star to more sinister theories about the CBC refusing to cover her death because she was harassed and bullied by members of the LGBTQ2 community. 

Just days leading up to her death, Ames was in fact harassed and targeted by fellow adult film stars in the gay sector of the adult film industry following public remarks made by the actress about refusing to work with gay men who had crossed over to straight pornography. The term used in the industry for gay-to-straight film is "cross-over". Ames cited her concern for her own health and the lack of requirement for men in the gay film industry to undergo health testing, specifically for HIV. Following her remarks, she was targeted by followers and members of the gay adult film industry and self-proclaimed members of the LGBTQ community. Gay adult film star, Jaxton Wheeler, told Ames to "take a cyanide pill" on social media, just days before her death.

The Independent covered her suicide:

The 23-year-old - who’d starred in almost 290 movies - died in Camarillo, California, on Tuesday morning - after a homophobia row.

She had been under heavy criticism for saying she refused to work with men who have also appeared in gay pornography, actors who, in the industry, are described as “crossover” performers.

Since her death, her brother has blamed online harassment for his sister's suicide:

Her brother James expressed his grief at the news of her death.

“I want my sister’s death to be recognised as a serious issue – bullying is not OK,” he told The Sun.

“It cost me my baby sister’s life. I will do what I can be a voice for Mercedes but right now my family and I need to be left alone to grieve – we have lost a loved one.”

As of December 10th, 2017, the CBC has not covered the suicide death of August Ames, despite her status as a Canadian.