Canada Dry Will Keep Lying About Real Ginger Content... For Now

Keurig Dr Pepper, the company that owns and distributes Canada Dry Ginger Ale, is set to compensate American consumers who purchased Canada Dry for falsely claiming the beverage is "made from real ginger". Following a massive class action lawsuit in the United States, Canada Dry will also remove the "deceitful" label from its branding in the United States. However, Canada Dry will continue to use the "made with real ginger" branding in Canada until late 2019.

Lawyers involved in the lawsuit against Canada Dry claim the company used "deceitful" branding and committed common law fraud, misrepresentation and breach of express and implied warranties, among other things. A US court agreed and Keurig Dr Pepper will compensate anyone in the United States who has purchased Canada Dry since 2013 with payments of up to $5.60 per household. 

As they claim to be reviewing their Canadian packaging and branding, Canada Dry will continue to claim it is "made from real ginger" until late 2019, when it will make changes to the labelling.

Media sources: National Post, CBC, Huffington Post


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