CTV Covers Trump

Pausing For Water

CTV News publishes story criticizing Trump for drinking water after he ridiculed Marco Rubio.

CTV Covers Silly Trump Criticism

In a syndicated news publication by an Associated Press reporter named Ken Thomas, Donald Trump is criticized for pausing a speech to take a sip of water. CTV News published and tweeted the news story on many of its platforms, garnering criticism of its own. 

The story points out Trump's criticism of GOP rival Marco Rubio during the 2016 Republican primaries, in which Trump, along with many other candidates and journalists mocked Rubio for pausing in the middle of a speech to sip water. CTV News published the story along with video clips of Trump's break for water. Ken Thomas's article opens like this:

WASHINGTON -- U.S. President Donald Trump had his own water bottle moment.

Trump, fresh from his marathon trip to Asia, paused during his address to the nation on Wednesday to take a swig of water -- twice.

Offering a blow-by-blow account of his five-nation tour, the president took a brief break to reach for a bottle of water as he recounted Japanese companies' billion-dollar investments and jobs in the U.S.

CTV also tweeted the news story, which immediately received backlash and criticism from users who questioned CTV's journalism and political biases. 

Twitter users immediately mocked CTV News: