The Walrus Lies About Hamish Marshall

Writing for The Walrus, Justin Ling Calls Tory Campaign Manager "Alt-Right"

No Evidence Marshall Is Alt-Right

Writing for The Walrus in a piece dated October 20th, 2017, Justin Ling refers to former Rebel employee Hamish Marshall as having an "Alt-Right past".  Ling erroneously used the term "Alt-Right" three times to refer to Marshall and The Rebel Media, despite Marshall never advocating the views of the movement that was named and founded by Richard Spencer.

In the article's sub header, Ling writes:

The Tories are downplaying their new campaign manager’s alt-right past—but he drove Ezra Levant’s business strategy.

Ling's assertion that Marshall is a member of the Alt-Right is tied to Marshall's employment with The Rebel. Since the events of Charlottesville, which are described as being covered favourably by The Rebel in Ling's piece, Levant has terminated the employment of Faith Goldy and extensively denounced Richard Spencer's Alt-Right views. Although admitting to originally being confused about the real nature of the Alt-Right, Ezra Levant, a Jew, has strongly condemned the anti-semitic movement in a statement: 

When I first heard of the alt-right a year ago, I thought it simply meant the insurgent right, the politically incorrect right, the grassroots right, the nationalistic right, the right that was a counterweight to the establishment of the GOP, the right that backed Trump and his "Make America Great Again" style over Jeb Bush and the swamp. It was unashamed right-wingedness, with a sense of humour.

Prominent alt-right personalities back then included the outrageous but loveable Milo Yiannopoulos, who just happened to be a half-Jewish gay man who preferred black men. I remember when Hillary Clinton made her bizarre campaign speech attacking the alt-right, and it sounded no different than any of her other “deplorables” insults, so that made me even more interested.

Levant's statement itself erroneously refers to Milo Yiannopoulos as Alt-Right, despite the controversial speaker distancing himself on numerous occasions from the Alt-Right and its views via his website and speaking engagements. 

The views of the Alt-Right's official leader and founder, Richard Spencer, have been broadly denounced by conservative personalities and politicians in Canada and the United States. Spencer's movement has admonished Jews, blacks and various other ethnic minorities in favour of white nationalism and identity, something The Rebel has not formally or officially condoned, despite the organization's heavy-handed criticisms of Islam. 

Contrary to Justin Ling's assertion that former Rebel employee Hamish Marshall has an Alt-Right past, his past connections to the Alt-Right movement and Richard Spencer cannot be confirmed or validated by any existing evidence. Several pundits and journalists have erroneously referred to controversial nationalists and conservative personalities as Alt-Right, despite such personalities having no connection to the official Alt-Right movement and label that was founded and coined by Richard Spencer. Spencer made headlines in 2016 for appearing in a video in which he shouted "heil Trump" and made Nazi salutes with a room full of Alt-Right supporters. 

The Alt-Right movement has confused many conservatives, activists and journalists alike, but the term "Alt-Right" has been used to refer to a white nationalist, white identity movement as far back as 2010. Despite many Trump supporters claiming membership in the Alt-Right, the Trump campaign had no connection to Richard Spencer's movement. 

At this point, any claim about Hamish Marshall having an Alt-Right past or ties to the movement is categorically and factually...