Jay Fayza Leaves The Rebel,

Retracts Accusations

Jay Fayza leaves The Rebel and deletes posts accusing organization of fear-mongering.

Fayza "Regrets" Accusing Rebel Of Fear-Mongering

Rebel correspondent, Jay Fayza, recently quit The Rebel and accused Ezra Levant's organization of "fear-mongering" and "inflating issues" in a Facebook post which has since been deleted. In his original statement, Fayza said:

Ok, so I'm lying about working for Buzzfeed but I did chose to leave Rebel Media. While working for them, probably mid-way, it became clear to me that a lot of what they do is fear-monger and inflate issues. It's sad but true. 

It really sucks being a part of a news company that only seems to talk about "issues" like race, immigration, Islam, and "This Liberal Said This Today."

The post was eventually deleted and Fayza issued a new statement expressing regret for his original post, stating:

I'd like to say that I regret posting that. If anyone read it, just know that what I said was exaggerated, slanderous, and downright disrespectful. 

I took the post down shortly after posting it. That post doesn't represent my views of rebel media, overall, or the people that work there. 

Many on social media have described Fayza's full turn-around as bizarre and unusual and have speculated about Levant's involvement in the retraction.