Liberal Secretary Causes Strong Reaction On Twitter, Deletes Tweet

Press Secretary For Liberal MPP, Peter Milczyn, Deletes Allegedly Offensive Tweet

Myriam Denis Provokes Strong Reaction

So, a little bit of context is in order. Myriam Denis isn't just any left-wing Twitter hack. She's Press Secretary to Etobicoke-Lakeshore Liberal MPP Peter Milczyn. 

Milczyn is a former city councilor for the area. That's an important thing to remember because Toronto City Council- where he used to work- was recently embroiled in a debate over whether to convert armouries into temporary shelters for the homeless during the recent vicious cold snap. 

We’ll spare you the worst excesses of Toronto politicians accusing each other of not caring enough. Suffice it to say that it was too much for Mark Towhey, the management consultant and proud 13-year member of the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry who you might remember as a onetime senior figure in the Rob Ford mayoralty.

As a former soldier and no stranger to City Hall himself, Mark wanted to know why the hypocrites on City Council preferred to talk about the issue and “Let the army deal with it” instead of opening their own doors and doing something about the problem.

We don't actually know what Myriam Denis said that caused Mark Towhey to absolutely destroy her with this admittedly strong language (since she deleted that too) but we do have her reply to him up top- where she tried to shame him over his use of the word "smelly" to describe homeless people but took a sharp turn into Racismville herself.

As far as we can tell, not only is Myriam still employed by Milczyn and Kathleen Wynne's Liberals, but Milczyn didn't even bother to take her personally to task. Instead, he sent out a tweet that was so lukewarm that a Toronto homeless person couldn't even use it to ward off the cold:

When everyone's brains thaw out from the cold, we'll leave you to puzzle out what would have happened if Ms. Denis had been anything other than a Liberal.