Ontario Liberals Run Deceptive

Ads About Mandatory Voting

Liberals run Facebook ads asking voters about mandatory voting.

Liberals Lay Groundwork For Electoral Reform

The Ontario Liberals aren’t known for truth in advertising. 

Some months ago they got caught spending $5.5 million on misleading ads promising a 25% reduction in hydro rates. Why were these ads misleading? Because the reduction in hydro rates themselves was only 17%, and it was being coupled with a rebate on the provincial 8% HST (harmonized sales tax) on hydro. 

At the time, the ever-image conscious Liberals claimed they were just trying to give Ontarians information they needed to know, even though freedom of information documents showed them up to be the frauds that they were. The truth was, the Liberals rolled out the ads because they wanted to ward off negative press. They also managed to leave out the fact that hydro rates would go back up after the next election. 

About the only thing that was true about these ads was that 17 plus 8 does in fact equal 25.

Now the OntLibs are rolling out sponsored content that tries to nudge voters towards supporting mandatory voting. 

As it so happens, the Liberals are holding an online policy consultation to determine what kind of awful ideas to spring on unsuspecting Ontarians. The majority of these ideas have less than 200 votes.

But why is this idea getting a Facebook ad campaign? Who approved of the use of the party’s logo? Who paid for the ads? 

And is this any different from the time the Liberals put together an easily abused online voting forum with the intent to create a false consensus so they could introduce proportional representation? 

Well, it is different in one major way. The people who put this ad together managed to misspell the name of their own province as “Ontairo”. 

I wonder what would happen if Ontarians were asked to vote on whether the Liberals are more incompetent or more dishonest? Do you think Ontarians know that this is the worst government ever, or do we need to spend $5.5 M trying to make sure they know?