Vice Gives Platform To Admitted Pedophile

Canadian-based Vice  interviewed Todd Nickerson in what some call an attempt to humanize pedophilia.

Vice  Wrote About "Stigma" Facing Pedophiles

Todd Nickerson is an admitted pedophile who claims to have never abused a child. He has been interviewed in the past by far-left publications like Salon, but has claimed since to be the target of online vigilantes.

In a piece dated January 5th, 2017, Vice  author, Manisha Krishnan, interviewed Nickerson and wrote about him a way that critics have called too sympathetic and an attempt to normalize pedophilia. Despite being written in January, the article has begun to circulate on social media. Some have also complained that the internet archive site,, is not allowing the page to be archived. Reasons for the archive site barring the preservation of the article are unknown, but some have speculated it is to either protect Vice when the company chooses to permanently delete the piece, or because moderators find the piece unsavoury and distasteful. When attempting to archive the page, users report receiving an error message and other users are unable to find the page saved in the archive at all. 

In her piece, Krishnan says:

Due to the stigma surrounding pedophilia, it's difficult to know how many people are affected by it, although experts have estimated it's 0.5 to two percent of the general population. But not all people who commit sexual offenses against children are pedophiles. In fact, according to studies, between 40 to 75 percent are not. When it comes to child porn, however, closer to 80 percent are pedophiles.


Nickerson has also tried and failed to have adult relationships. When he was 20, he says he briefly dated a woman who was six years older than him, but there was no sexual chemistry. In college, which he started at the age of 25, he says he didn't date at all.

"When two adults are flirting, there's that unspoken exchange and non-verbal cues. I'm not good at reading those because I'm just not really attracted to them." As graduation loomed, Nickerson says he panicked.

"It kinda dawned on me even though I'd accepted my attraction, for a while I'd entertained this idea that I could get married and have a family and have a normal life," he says. "I realized that would never happen."

Nickerson says he experienced stages of grief, including serious depression. To make things worse, a cousin had found some journal entries in which Nickerson admitted to being a pedophile, so he knew it was only a matter of time before the rest of his family found out.

"There were days when I was suicidal, where I would wake up and that's all I could think about," he says.

Critics have accused Vice and Salon of giving a platform to pedophiles and attempting to humanize their sexual hardships.