Liberal MPP Lies About

Support For His Anti-Texting Bill

Yvan Baker was called out on Twitter by Walk Toronto for claiming their support.

Walk Toronto Denies Supporting The Bill

Yvan Baker is a fresh-faced young globalist and the Liberal Member of Provincial Parliament for Etobicoke Centre.

He does look like a Justin Trudeau knockoff- and he acts like one, too. According to his Wikipedia page, he spent his formative years on the boards of a bunch of organizations that look great on a resume but don’t accomplish much in the way of solving actual problems.

After a short career in banking and management consultancy- two sectors where you’re encouraged to reduce people to numbers- Yvan found himself living the dream as an elected Liberal figurehead. The only problem is that there isn’t much room to make a name for yourself in Kathleen Wynne’s seniority-based government when you’re only in your mid-30’s.

So Yvan decided he would come up with a private members bill that would appear benign and well-intentioned, but was obviously intended to suck money out of taxpayers’ wallets. After thinking long and hard, Yvan came up with a money grab so blatant and so petty that Trudeau is probably kicking himself not for coming up with it first. His hilariously named Phones Down, Heads Up act will fine people $50 for texting while crossing the street and up to $125 for repeat offenders.

Yvan immediately started collecting endorsements from local Liberal-friendly organizations so it would look like people actually cared about his issue. Unfortunately, he lied about having the support of pedestrian safety advocates Walk Toronto and got caught.

That’s what happens when you subscribe to a worldview where an all-wise, all-knowing group of technocrats don’t actually believe they have to consult the little people before meddling in their affairs. But it takes more than that to rattle our buddy Yvan’s cage. He wasn’t about to let this one go. He went for it again….and promptly got blown out once again.

Yvan’s refusal to own up to his lie is pretty inconvenient given that his boss, Kathleen Wynne, is going to base her re-election effort on scaring voters about Patrick Brown’s Trumpian disregard for the facts.

Baker's claim that he received Walk Toronto's support for his anti-texting bill is...