Global Distorts Scheer's Conversion Therapy Stance

"This is something that this Liberal government is only now recently proposing. We will always, of course, stand up for the rights of LGBTQ individuals and protect their rights and, of course, we’re opposed to any type of practice that would forcibly attempt to change someone’s sexual orientation against their will or things like that. So we will wait and see exactly what is being contemplated," Andrew Scheer told media.

"We will wait and see exactly what is being contemplated."


The Simpsons Attacks Alberta's "Tar Sands"

Following the recent Canada-centric episode of The Simpsons, Canadian media covered the alleged outrage over the episode's humour toward Newfoundland and "newfies" while ignoring the episode's derogatory reference to Alberta's oil sands. 

Entertainment Tonight's coverage of the episode opened with the host, Roz Weston, saying, "The show poked fun at the RCMP, the Ottawa Senators, Newfoundlanders, and Justin Trudeau. But, some were not laughing."


Winnipeg Cafe Fakes Anti-Semitic Hate Crime

The Bermax Cafe in Winnipeg has faked an anti-Semitic hate crime, according to police. Maxim, Alexander and Oxana Berent were arrested on charges of mischief for staging what has been called one of the worst hate crimes in Canada. In the apparent hoax, the owners made it appear as though Bermax was ransacked, robbed and sprayed with anti-Semitic graffiti. 


Rabble Endorses Negative Campaigning In Alberta

David Climenhaga, writer for Rabble, has endorsed negative campaigning and inciteful smear tactics. In an article published after the contentious Alberta election, on April 23rd, Climenhaga wrote:

There are plenty of serious mistakes the Alberta NDP made during their four rocky years in power, but one of them was not the negative campaign they ran that attacked Jason Kenney's character and the attitudes of many of the candidates and advisors around him. Indeed, it's said here the NDP's negative campaigning was the only thing that saved the party's bacon, relatively speaking. At the very least, it prevented a rout of epic proportions and allowed the party to survive with enough members in the legislature to fight effectively for a better day.

During the Alberta election campaign, the Alberta NDP used erroneous and deceptively edited references to Jason Kenney's past in an effort to smear him as a homophobic and misogynistic social conservative. Accusations and negative campaign ads from the NDP claimed that Jason Kenney had bragged about preventing AIDS victims from seeing their loved ones in San Francisco, while Kenney attended the University Of San Francisco. 


Canada Dry Will Keep Lying About Real Ginger Content... For Now

Keurig Dr Pepper, the company that owns and distributes Canada Dry Ginger Ale, is set to compensate American consumers who purchased Canada Dry for falsely claiming the beverage is "made from real ginger". Following a massive class action lawsuit in the United States, Canada Dry will also remove the "deceitful" label from its branding in the United States. However, Canada Dry will continue to use the "made with real ginger" branding in Canada until late 2019.



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